Who we are


We are one of the renowned and trusted structural steel detailing company in USA and Canada. Started in the year 1992, we have our vision to give quality detailing services for the benefit of steel fabricators, architects and other steel workers in the industry.


More than 30 years of experience in the commercial steel detailing and with a team of highly professional steel detailers and in house designers, we design connection and steel details with accuracy and clarity. Our expertise in detailing and Knowledge in the latest software products helped us solving connection problems and finding solutions to complex geometric problems.

Our values

Our core strength lies with our experience in the field of structural steel detailing and our skilled and motivated professionals.

We stand as one of the most trusted companies for our quality standards and delivery on time. Many well-known fabricators, Architects and construction firms appreciate our association with their projects and recognize our valuable detailing services.

Our 30 years of existence and experience in this market, established the fact that our principles of consistent quality, delivery on time and clear detailing have proved to be the benchmark for our success in this field of structural steel detailing.

We believe in the experience, staff motivation and passion for steel detailing. Our constant update on latest technology has drastically moved our quality standards to a new height, benefiting the customers.


With our knowledge and experience in structural steel detailing, our professionals are able to provide connection and geometry solution to complex structural designs.

Our Highly skilled steel detail engineers expertise in handling difficult and complex design problems. Our engineers are professionally qualified and design connections and other steel details to American and Canadian Standards and codes for Structural steel detailing.

We are adaptive to the recent and modern technologies in steel detailing. We use latest software like Xsteel (Telka - structures) and SDS/2 for more accurate results. We are technologically advanced and able to deliver the completed results in the prescribed file formats and documents as per the clients need and requirements.

We have trained and qualified professional detailers who are well versed in latest technologies and are able to deliver projects based on client's software requirements.


Many state of the art buildings stand as a testimony to our quality detailing service in USA and Canada. We worked with well-known fabricators, Architects and Construction firms in USA and Canada. We believe that our success lies with our Quality and timely delivery.